Kirk Crager

Link to the Heatons?

Lead a local church and do community work here. (Bonfire @ Heaton Norris Park)

Period in the vicinity?

11 years

Reason for joining this amazing group:

As a local resident and a leader in a local community group, one of my passions is to “do good” to the area I live in.  Our church, Bridgeway Church,  also has the aim of “Loving people” and specifically doing that locally, so it fits in great with “Love Heaton Norris!”

Any ideas or skills you wish to promote?

 I know a little bit about organising events. I can write stories / opinion pieces, and I give talks on various subjects at various events as a speaker. Decent high user level of tech skills. Speaking Italian is a hobby and a joy…I can also spin a basketball on my index finger and make a Chewbacca sound! If you read a Bible verse to me, I can most likely tell you where in the Bible it is J 

Age Range: