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Minutes of Meeting – 9th February 2015


Roger Lasance, Andrew Paton, John Townsend, Vijay Patel, Julieta Duran,

Gerald Dwyer, Sara Cooper, Luci Cranny, Andrew Gallacher, Sarah Connor-Brooks

Tony Ashurst, Sandra Jones, David Ruaune, Maggie Elsley, Tony Keller,

Faye Butterworth, Karen Hopkins, Barbara Miller, Jolene Wheeler, Phil Waddington

Scott Wheeler, Jane Cawsey, Chet Banks, Rev. Diane Brownhill

Latest News

New Secretary & Treasurer of Love Heaton Norris Luci Cranny (the administrator at St James Junior School) has agreed to take on the role as the new Secretary of the Love Heaton Norris group. Our thanks also go to our previous Secretary Roger Lasance, who has now taken on the vacant position as Treasurer.

Post Office News: Roger Lasance mentioned that he had heard (from the Heaton Chapel Post Office) that a Heaton Norris Post Office was soon to be opening in the near future, located opposite Christ & All Saints Church.

Local Radio Pure FM have kindly offered us a free “on air” interview to promote both the Love Heaton Norris group and our current campaigns, which we have accepted.

Items from the last meeting:

Pocket Places (Julieta Duran) There will be an arts trail during the half term –“Heaton Norris Memories” using resident’s stories and photos of the area. The project is funded by SMBC and the aim is to create a collage on polycarbonate of images of past and present Heaton Norris. There would also be free cycle lessons for adults at Heaton Norris Park on Saturdays in February and bikes are provided. Can anyone interested in being on a Love Heaton Norris / Pocket Places Working Party, contact Roger Lasance & or Julieta Duran.

Hot Pot Suppers at Christ with All Saints Church (Jane Cawsey)

These will be on every 3rd Saturday starting on 21st March at Christ with All Saints Church, Manchester Road, Heaton Norris. There will be FREE hotpot and cake for the vulnerable, lonely or those in need of a decent meal.

Music School (Phil Waddington – Christ with All Saints Church)

A community initiative revolving around a music school for young people. The Music school will run Saturday mornings 9:30 to 12:30 and will provide instrumental tuition, youth choir, music theory tuition and aural training for 24 local children / teenagers who would not otherwise be able to afford it. It will cost each pupil £1 per week in subs which will be waived in cases of extreme hardship. Children will be taught in groups of 4. The church is currently awaiting CRB checks for the music teachers – and then it is good to go.

Promoting Community Champions (Vijay Patel)

This is an ongoing initiative. There is now a Love Heaton Norris Facebook page. Luci Cranny will continue to support anything Heaton Norris related on the St James School and Belmont House pages. There is also now a LHN website and Newsletter on the way.

War Memorial – (Roger Lasance)

It was discussed that perhaps local businesses could be approached for sponsorship. A great place for it to be situated would be at Christ Church, but it would really need for it to be open for this to happen. Roger to contact the War Commission and English Heritage.

Crime & Policing (PCSO Mas)

PCSO Mas John reported to the meeting that although the rate of crime in the area had much reduced, it was vital that all crimes should to be reported to the 101 crime telephone number, in order for any action to be taken. There have not been any further incidents of arson. There is to be Panic buttons in the subway.

Love Heaton Norris – Report It Crime Campaign (Phil Waddington & Luci Cranny)

The group agreed that we would launch our very own campaign to raise awareness of the importance of reporting crime. (Having agreed there was little point in complaining about crime and or policing if people were not even reporting it in the first place.) Luci Cranny and Phil Waddington agreed to make a poster highlighting the importance of this to be distributed throughout Heaton Norris.

Church Organ Appeal (Phil Waddington)

There is an incredible organ at All Saints Church but is in need of some repair and money is currently being raised for this. Around £18000 is needed. It would be great to increase local knowledge about the organ and help raise funds, as it is fairly unknown in Stockport. It was suggested that the Church had a “Just Giving” page or something similar for online donations.

Graffiti at St Mary’s Church – (Roger Lasance)

This still remains and now some more has been added. The Highways Commission have said this will be removed by the end of February.

Moor Magazine – (Concetta Banks, Vijay Patel & Roger Lasance)

After a good meeting with the editor of Moor Magazine (Melissa) it was clear that although the magazine covers all of the four Heaton’s it is however “traders led” and therefore only distributed in areas the traders felt they would attract business from. (Hence why it was not distributed throughout the whole of Heaton Norris and only in parts.)

Also discussed was the perception that in terms of news & articles, Heaton Norris was not particularly well covered. On this point the editor pointed out that was as much to do with their ability to write about what’s being brought to their attention and that perhaps Heaton Norris could do better for itself by communicating more with the magazine. (This point was accepted and the group agreed to send Moor Magazine regular updates about our progress from now on.) That said, the editor felt in spite of that, that they still did a good job in covering Heaton Norris, listing some forthcoming features in the area for us to look out for. Finally the editor added that the magazine would happily promote both Love Heaton Norris and any other associated community initiatives.


  • It was hoped that a representative from Stockport County’s Volunteer Cooperative would attend the meeting, but he sent apologies and hope to attend the next meeting in March.
  • Everyone was invited to the “Choral Evensong” (Responses: Smith of Durham. Canticles: Thomas Morley. Anthem: Holy is the True Light, Harris) event at Christ with All Saints Church on Sunday 1st March at 4.30pm and asked to promote the event locally if they could.
  • If anyone would like something on the agenda of our next meeting can they please contact Luci at or on 0161 480 4586.

Thank yous

  • The group thanked Karen Hopkins & the Silver Jubilee for kindly hosting the last three meetings.
  • Thank you to both the Neighbourhood Management Team (Liz Madge) and St James Junior School (Luci Cranny) for kindly donating the printed leaflets (promoting our meeting), not forgetting Gerald Dwyer & Roger Lasance who kindly distributed them.

Next meeting will be held at St James Junior School at 6.30-8.00pm on Monday 9th March. Belmont House, Belmont Street, SK4 1TG contact Luci Cranny 07926 181951. (Please note that for those interested the Pocket Places meeting will take place earlier at 5.30-6.30pm).

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Minutes of Meeting – Monday 12th January 2015

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